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Welcome to the fabulous world of "" - a company that specializes in the production of stickers for any surface! We offer a unique imaging technology that will allow you to start your own business and become part of our thriving team. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In two years, our brand has become known in almost all regions. MISSION OF OUR COMPANY Make unique all the things that surround all people on planet Earth. COMPANY GOAL To make the process of drawing an image on any object simple and understandable for everyone, making it possible to give individuality to all surrounding things, to distinguish from similar ones, emphasizing originality and giving a peculiarity. WHAT WE DO Decals to apply to all types of surfaces on any object of consistently high quality while maintaining ease of use. Our customers can purchase stickers from us for any purpose: for calendars, diary sheets, laptops, tablets, fabrics. And this is not even half of the entire range of our services! Due to optimized business processes, a professional team and a daily growing demand for our services, we always have work to do. Moreover, we do not have time to process all applications, so we are actively expanding the network of partners - franchisees and representatives. We guarantee the high quality of our products, a wide range of stickers and our customers are always sure that their order will reach them in the shortest possible time in the best quality. Our products are reliable, durable and easy to use. We offer an individual approach to each client and are ready to provide full support and assistance in the development of your business.

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Promotional & souvenir productBadges and medals,


UV DTF 30 printer

UV DTF 60 printer

DTF printer for printing on fabric 30 cm Format A3

DTF printer for printing on fabric 60 cm Format A2

DTF film

DTF ink

UV DTF AB film