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Distribution company Be-Right is focused on the professional lighting solutions from the well-known manufacturers all over the world. We have been in that business for more than 20 years already and we have made numerous successful launches of famous brands in the CIS market. We provide full support to our customers that includes consulting, demos, project specifications, training and seminars, service and maintenance (warranty and non-warranty). Our portfolio contains a lot of flagships that are used at the greatest venues and an obvious choice of many professionals from the entertainment, event and film industries. Astera is a recognized leader in the wireless high-quality lighting. Their legendary Titan Tube has become a phenomenon of TV and film industry. The great success has become a great motivation, and today Astera is developing new models that allow to find a solution for different creative tasks in a flexible, fast and effect way. The best addition to Astera fixtures is the optical accessories from DoPchoice company. The combination of these 2 brands allows to achieve the best lighting for a special task. A young brand PMI has only one fixture in present. But how unique it is! The first wireless atmospheric effects generator 3-in-1 – haze, fog and low fog. The device that was invented with filmmakers and in real scenes. Today it is also a welcome participant of many other projects, like photo shooting, theatre and different events. German Light Products (GLP) is a synonym to bright and creative lighting solutions. Their famous JDC1 and X4 Bar 20 are the headliners of numerous concert riders. In 2007 they were the very first one to produce a LED moving head and since then they have never stopped their development. Today their catalogue contains moving heads, static fixtures, creative forms as well as IP65 rated solutions. At present we are working at expanding our portfolio so in the nearest future we’ll be ready to offer other flagship professional solutions.

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